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Pizza time _) #nomorecookinthekitchen
Never too early for cake _)
Photo shoot _) #sheehannation2016
Great day at Shawnee #nomorecookinthekitchen
Even happier one of the happy couple _) #sheehannation2016
Happy day my FA kids Shane and Robyn #foreveryoung2016👌
Such a happy couple #sheehannation2016
Shane and Robyn #foreveryoung2016👌
Great wedding at SMAC-happy November!
_In a Galaxy far far away_ _#foreveryoung2016👌
Found favorite _)_#sheehannation2016 #stonemountainartscenter
Engaging trio _) _andreaouellette704 _bobby
Congrats to Corin and Mike _)
Corin Mike take two (first crop on the fly was too close !) Such a fun lovely wedding day for all!
Pre-ceremony pool _smac
Cake and s surprise_) #sheehannation2016
Cake of the day
More SMAC magic - happy place
One big happy family _)_#sheehannation2016
Chive on people _) #foreveryoung2016👌
Congrats Laura and Zach!!
Cake of the week _)
Kenleigh and Nick _sundayriver #happyplacefound
This weeks cake _)
Wedding fun #glstromphotography
Somewhere ..
Hoping for a dry wedding _)
Model A beauty
Cake de le Jour
Congrats Carrie and Paul _)
Cake color , mom says hi Clair _)
Fun one from last weekend-bride and groom with band mates A Ok
Fore! (Well, 6 actually_)
3 dog cake
Looking forward to Heather and the gang _)
Toddy and Meghan - a favorite happy couple
Today's wedding adventure
Wild ones
Lovely day for a wedding_)
8_19 happy couple.jpeg

  I photograph weddings by the event instead of hourly, and plan to arrive 1 hour or so before the ceremony and photograph getting ready, ceremony,  group shots, many candids and the special reception activities such as the toasts, dances, and cake cutting. 



 I will photograph 800-1200 images of your complete wedding day

and mail a thumbdrive with complete set of high resolution images, (which you will own for making prints, reprints or sharing) 

usually 800-1200 total in 2 to 4 weeks after ceremony.  

I also create website gallery of best (Smugmug) to share with guests.



All the above including a wedding book (Picaboo ~ click image)











Thank you for visiting my site, and please contact me with any questions. I am happy to help as you decide what photography is best for your day so contact me using form below.   Greg


glstrom photography

67 Allen Avenue

Portland, Maine 04103


email       phone   207-890-4647


Thanks for message!

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