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One Fine Day

These images are from a lovely wedding at Sunday River in Newry Maine. This day was memorable in many ways as I followed the bride and groom's entourage when they delivered special gifts, watched wedding movie dvd's, and finally rode the trolley to the covered bridge for the ceremony.


So many special moments, inlcuding a group shot of entire wedding party and their guests. In order to get everyone in the shot I had to climb to the top of borrowed wooden step-ladder, which of course was not footed by anyone as they were all in the photo. (which could be another reason for big smiles as I sway back and forth)


It is my goal to photograph all the amazing moments as they happen whiIe keeping a low profile. I also make group shots quick, painless, and hopefully fun because I know from experience that real smiles only last a second, and not everyone likes to pose for photos. I enjoy working on requests or recreating favorite images. Whatever will make the photo experience memorable.



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